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Residential HDB & Condo Painting

Your flat is one of your major investments in life, so make sure to keep its best value by keeping its interior painting at its best appearance and condition.


Exterior Building Painting




Landed home painting is not as straightforward as condo or HBD painting. It requires proper planning for a hassle-free painting service.



Whether it is a home office or a space in a commercial building, the colours of your workplace is important. Let us be the professionals to deliver excellent painting for your office.



You never have to worry about strong odour at home while having your home painting done. Just give us a call and request for odourless painting service.



Cleanliness is always vital, so make sure to keep every area of your home—especially your toilet and bathroom—clean and sanitized at all times.


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Everything you must Know Before youDecide on Painting your Home

When initially planning to paint the interiors of your home, it is tempting to go doing it yourself. However, there are several considerations that you may not have thought of, such as how often you should repaint your home, the preparations needed before the actual painting, the common problems you want to avoid and the right professional to hire for the painting job.


你应该多久一次Repaint Your Home?

Unfortunately, there is no one fix answer for this, since every house (even every room) is different. A good rule of thumb, however, is to notice signs of deterioration. If you see any of the following signs, it is obviously time to repaint.

  • Flaking, Cracking or Bubbling
  • Fading Paint
  • 硬化填缝
  • 变形油漆颜色
  • Patching Stucco
Preparations Before画你的家



This is probably the most underrated and sometimes neglected part of any paint job. Bear in mind that cracks and fading of paint can still be visible even when underneath a new coat. Coating even a slightly unclean surface will just waste your time and effort, since you can’t really expect it to look good and last long. Painting service providers, like Ideal Colours, conduct pre-cleaning process, which includes removal of old paint and using high pressure cleaner to even out and clean any surface. So, if you have access to a local painting service expert, call them now.

Filling Holes and Cracks



Even a fairly smooth surface is worth giving a light scrubbing. This creates a balance on the surface, so the paint brush glides smoothly along it. Also, priming is equally important for all paint jobs, and even more so if you are painting walls with a new colour. Some surfaces, like timber for example, provides an adhesion level required for the paint to spread evenly. Skip the priming, and you’ll run the risk of patchy and unsightly finish.

What Type of彩色组合Suits You
  • Deep Green and Brown

    Get that rich hunter green look for your home. From muted to moody shades, these painting colors work to emulate the look and feel of lush botanicals and the relaxing atmosphere of nature in your home.

  • 金色和奶油


  • 浆果和勃艮第

    浓或淡提供强烈的外观。因为他们can easily get overpowering, they should be handled tastefully. Red is a strong colour, so it’s important to pair it with the right colours. Take note that it can cause trouble with white and yellow. You can tame it down by pairing it with deeper red and a dark ceiling. The effect can be dramatic, but since its low-contrast the aesthetic look calms down.

  • 灰色和奶油


Which品牌的油漆to Go for

在新加坡,有相当多的油漆品牌可供选择。然而,我们拥有绘画承包商和房地产所有者 - 日本油漆和ICI Dulux的两个最常用和最优秀。那么,哪一个更好,更适合你?以下是每个品牌都可以提供的内容。

Nippon Paint


  • Eco-Friendly.Paints are often accused for being environmentally degrading, but thankfully this brand manufactures odourless wall paint products minus the degrading compounds that are damaging to the o-zone layer.

  • Temperature Regulating.Singapore can get really hot in summer, making people uncomfortable. However, as simple as coating your home walls with Nippon paint is enough to lower temperatures, especially during extremely hot days.

  • 耐用。已知Nippon Paints非常可靠,保持光滑,没有难看的磨损。特别配方以承受苛刻的条件并完全粘附到表面上,以进行光滑,长持久的表面。

  • 成本-Effective.Especially for those working on a budget, Nippon paints are the way to go. Due to its thin consistency, it is easy to apply, covers more area and saves money that could’ve been used to buy more cans of paint.

  • Fast-Drying.With it’s fast-drying technology, you can settle in quickly to your new hdb flat and reduce chances of getting paint onto your furniture and clothes.

Dulux Paint

Another popular paint brand in Singapore is Dulux, owing it to their availability and quality.

  • Eco-Friendly.Dulux paints are eco-friendly and free from harsh ingredients like lead and mercury.

  • Anti-Bac Properties.This brand also boasts antibacterial properties, which make the resistant to fungus and mold.

  • Easy Stain Removal.Unlike other brands, walls painted with Dulux paints can easily be cleaned from stains, which helps preserve the vivid colour of the wall.

  • Withstand Harsh Weather.对于最佳外部使用,Dulux将顶部列表。Dulux的外部涂料可以忍受最恶劣的气候,同时保持涂料的颜色和纹理。


Interior and Exterior Painting –Are They Interchangeable?

In most cases, paints are pretty similar. While there are water- and oil-based paints, all paints comprise of resin, pigment and solvent. However, there are differences in the kinds of paints that are more suitable for application on certain surfaces.

So, what about interior and exterior paints? Are there major differences between the two? Can I paint my house in whichever type of paint I want? Are they okay to interchange?

Different Environments

Exterior and interior paints are used under different environments. Paint for outside the house needs to withstand storms, strong winds and extremely hot weather, compared to interior paint, which is not exposed to these weather conditions. Similarly, texture and color imperfections with interior paint are unsightly and more noticeable; therefore, interior paint should be easy to maintain and clean.

Choice of Resin


Is It Okay to Interchange the Use of Interior and Exterior Paint?


考虑何时的因素Painting a New Home

Painting a new home is a tedious task. It is important to make informed decisions, so you are free of any tensions for the next five (or more) years. Plan every step with caution to get the best professional paint results. It is highly recommended to hire a professional to do the paint job, and take these considerations in mind when planning to paint a new home.

Prepping Your Home

Preparation is the key to ensuring that the paint will look its best. Make sure that the surfaces to be painted are given thorough clean up. Mildew, dust and dirt that has accumulated over time should be removed before the painting process begins.




查看绘画项目的成本,并找到可靠的画家,无论您需要购买自己的涂料,还是可以为您提供所有必要的工具和产品。成本取决于若干因素 - 项目的范围,涂漆的区域以及在您家中使用的涂料类型。


Color makes a huge difference to the look of your home. Many hdb painting services companies provide free consultation and advices about the colour schemes that will suit your home. In addition, you need to make sure that the paints are of great quality. Investing on a reputable company and spending a bit more initially on high-quality products can go a long way.

5 CommonWall and Ceiling Paint Issues
  • Blistering


  • 泛黄

    Places free of sunlight, such as inside closets and behind hung picture frames. To prevent yellowing, using top-quality acrylic paints helps. Avoid alkyd paints in areas with poor lighting condition as they tend to turn yellow in constant low light.

  • 泥裂


  • Chalking

    Chalking commonly happens to cheap paints, which contains high amounts of pigment extenders or are overly thinned-out. Paint ceiling and other areas of your home by starting off with adequate preparation and using high-quality latex paint to avoid such problem.

  • 霉菌

    This often happens to areas that are constantly in contact with moisture, such as bathroom walls. This one is easy to remedy with the help of your regular household bleach and detergent.

The Key Considerations WhenLooking for a Home Painter
研究 - 很多!



Ask for a quote that states every specific work that the company will provide you. Therefore, this should include things like what should be painted, how will the preparation take place, what products will be used and how long it will take to complete the project.

High Price Doesn’t Always Mean Excellent Work

在选择家庭绘画专家时,不要仅将您的决定作为单独的价格。获得最昂贵的专业人士并不能保证你会得到一个很好的工作。同样,您也不想选择提供最低估计的公司。寻找可以为您提供准确和诚实的估计的人 - 这是一个提供最合理的报价的人。

为什么你应该雇用一个Professional Residential Painter?

Hiring a professional contractor for your commercial painting works may take time, but your effort will surely be all worth it. The quality workmanship, expertise and professional services of these companies is crucial and will play a massive part in the value and aesthetic look of your home.


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